Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What Exactly 50% Off Can Buy!

This week the yarn is virtually flying out the doors - bags and bags and bags of it. However, those of you who know us, know that there is still no shortage of choices. It got us thinking - what exactly do you get for 50% off?
Well, considering most sweaters take 5-6 balls - let's figure this out!
Araucania Ruca is regularly $15.99 per skein which means most sweaters would cost about $79.95 which of course is before the dreaded HST and the purchase of any patterns. Half price is $39.99 - wow that's a super saving when you actually see it on paper. Now what could you make with this yarn?
How about Berocco Lago? Or Berocco Captiva? Both beautiful summer yarns available in loads of colors?
Lago is regularly $8.99 for $4.49
Captiva is $6.99 for $3.50 - so even if you needed 10 skeins, then this would only cost $35.00? Who buys 10 skeins of yarn for $35?
Ella Rae Bamboo Silk caught my eye as I was leaving last night - pretty silk and bamboo skeins that retail for $6 now for $3 - that's just crazy!
From Noro, we have
Nadeshiko reg. 19.99 for $10
Karuta reg. 19.99 for $10
Wadaiko reg 24.99 for $12.50
Kocharan reg. 19.99 for $10
There's still sweater quanitities of Cascade Soft Spun at 75% off. That means they are $1.25 each - seriously, ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS FOR EACH SKEIN!
Now come on, get in here and share in the fun!
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