Sunday, 8 July 2012

Garage Sale Photos and An FO

This is what the garage sale started out to look like before we were rained on....thank you to all the shoppers who help us get all the stuff back inside without incident.

Julia and I loved this machine - so pretty and in such good condition. It worked but we both thought it would be a gorgeous home accessory.

I've finished something - yay me! A lovely scarf from Alchemy Yarns of Transformation in Silken Straw and Sanctuary.

Those two long lines are Sanctuary that has been felted - at first it looked like just ordinary knitting but after a few spins in the wash cycle it came out looking like this. So pretty! The method is called Shibori knitting which is the combination of a felting and a non-felting fiber. In the case of the Magician's Scarf the look of woven strips of fabric have been created when felted.

We have several Shibori kits coming from Alchemy to the Yarn Store - stay tuned for details!

Now I'm on to a top secret knit - I will post photos but I can't talk about the yarn - we've found a new dyer - we love her and she's dyeing up lots and lots of yarn for The Yarn Store.

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