Saturday, 7 July 2012

Garage Sale over.....NEXT!

Things are never quiet for long at the Yarn Store - now you know how much shopping was done at TNNA - plus let's not forget that over 700 skeins of MadTosh will be arriving this month - now all this adds up to we need room and lots of it! Kinda like 1+1=2! Haha! I'm a bit punchy - been up since 4:30am this morning to get to the Garage Sale! Anyway.....back to the subject at hand.....what could all this possibly mean to all of you? Well, all of the yarn except for what was 30% off last week will be 50% off from Monday, July 9 to at least Saturday, July 14th.

Fun, wow!

BTW - the yarn that was 30% last week has been extended for another week! Yay!
So basically, all of the yarn and patterns are on sale for one deal or another!

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