Monday, 23 July 2012

Ravellenics Team Yarn Store!

Have you heard about the Knitting Games?  Yup to coincide with the Olympics, Ravelry is hosting a Ravellenics.  You must check it out, choose your project, choose a knitting sport, and then join our Team by tagging your work in progress, letting us know what you are doing and best of all, celebrating your success with us on August 13 here at the store for prizes and treats!

So first - check out Ravelry for all the info by going here

Figure out what your sport is here

Then tell us all about it, tag your pictures, etc here

I am competing in the Sweater Triathlon.  My project is Vodka Lemonade from Baby Cocktails

I'm knitting it in Malabrigo Arroyo in Prussian Blue.  I had started it previously but ripped it out to make a bigger size and so this is just the kick in the butt I need to get going on it. 

Julia hasn't completely decided on what the project is yet but it looks like she will be competing in the Sweater Triathlon too! 

I'm in a quandry over my Mystery Shawl KAL  - Clue 2 is out and I'm not sure I like what's happening to my self striping yarn with this clue. 

Julia assures me that it's very happy looking but I'm thinking I will never wear it. 

Now that's easy for her to say when hers is a lovely combination that is much more wearable. 

What to do?  What to do? 

Comments, anyone?


  1. Trade with Julia, of course!

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  3. Nancy I think your idea makes perfect sense but for whatever reason Julia doesn't agree??!! Now what are you and Margaret knitting for the Ravellenic Games - you are going to be on our team,right?