Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm seeing spots....

Like most knitter's I am not particularly faithful to any one project, unless it completely captures my attention like Falling Leaves.  If another knitter in my immediate circle of influence were to show me a pattern that they thought was amazing - well, I would just have to put everything aside and get to work.  Such is the story with the Pop Blanket - Julia found it and started it and now it's taken on a life of it's own.  There's about 10 people working on these little amazing squares all at the same time.

They are addictive - and the whole reason must be Noro.  These squares were all knit out of 1 ball of Noro Kureyon - with the border out of Cascade Ecological Wool 8010.  I've been knitting for years and knit with Noro many, many times and I continue to be surprised what happens with one little ball.  It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  Truth be told, I didn't even really like this color of Noro for my blanket but I thought I would just go ahead any way.  Guess what?  When the colors were broken up - I liked them much better - can't judge Noro by the ball.  Speaking of Noro - look what arrived!  The Premiere Issue!  Features 35 patterns all using Noro Yarns. How fun is that!  Better come and get yours before they are all gone1

Noro Knitting Magazine, Premiere Issue.  Over 35 knits - all using different varieties of Noro!  Here's some examples of what you'll find inside:

Lapel Shrug in Noro Silk Garden Lite

Checkerboard Hat in Noro Silk Garden

Cropped Jacket using 2 alternating balls of Silk Garden Sock

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  1. OH those patterns look like fun to the Noro Yarn. Amazing colours and do to the yarn each pattern knit up becomes its own masterpiece…one of a kind I would say.