Thursday, 28 June 2012

More TNNA....

I promised stash enhancing photographic evidence so here it is! I was able to purchase all of this in just 60 minutes at Sample It. Being a long time knitter and lover of hand dyed, a quick glance of the list of vendors enabled me to plan where I was going and get everything I wanted. The good news about this photo is that virtually everything in it is coming to the Yarn Store in quanitity so you can take care of your own Stash!

Now this level of purchasing may explain why we went from 3 bags to this trolley full. Getting it into the rental car was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together and at the airport - while we didn't have all those sweet parking attendants to help us so we were significantly less graceful. Especially with a Air Canada rep that told us we have 5 minutes to get checked in or we couldn't get on, only to be delayed by almost 2 hours taking off.

There are lots and lots and lots of new things coming to the Yarn Store - so much in fact that we have to make room and lots of it. Be sure and read the next couple of newsletters to find out all the details on how we plan to achieve this.....
Below for your viewing pleasure it a few pics to help whet your appetite.

Yes this is all stuff expected at the store.....not to mention the new dyer we found that has the most beautiful range of hand dyes.....first time in Canada. I can't even talk about them without getting goose bumps - you are going to love this! I promise. The name will be secret but here's just a sense of the colors that are on the way!

Tuesday, the first day home, my dear youngest, Emma graduated from Grade 8 - here she is with her brother.

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