Saturday, 16 June 2012

It's the weekend.....

Yay! Beautiful weather and very inspiring knitting.....perfect! The Pop Blanket has a section completed - its at the store for Julia to use for lessons today. Pop (haha!) in and have a look.

Our co-op student Deanna finished with the store this week - we are really going to miss her - she's so helpful, cheerful and fun! We all hope she comes back.

Here she is with her cake - and Wendy.....Wendy buys the best cakes! She is responsible for the lack of weight loss by all the staff in the store.

Wednesday nights are our Knit Night and it's also the night that the lovely Jeannine is in to close up the store. There are classes that end after we leave and everything Thursday morning we find

some artistic creation that she has left us. This week it was...... Gertrude!

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