Saturday, 26 May 2012

No progress!

As you can see I've made little progress on my efforts to blog more regularly - let's see what would be some good excuses?  Fantastic weather - true but not really a good enough reason.  Too busy - well, if I'm honest not really!  Forgetful?  That's the one - 51 years old and forgetful beyond belief. 

I'm still quite taken with crochet these days and working on a Ripple Blanket for my daughter's bed.
It took me quite awhile to get this going - but now I'm well on the way!  Six colorways of Koigu Kersti all matched to her comforter - isn't it pretty?

Interweave Knits Summer 2012
The newest Interweave Knits has arrived and has some great patterns....just look at this....
Seaglass Shell

A beautiful summer shell with a simple front and a surprisingly beautiful back.  The yarn called for is Manos del Uruguay Serena - which we have in stock!

Jane Austen Knits arrived as well - it's actually the first one I've seen of this series.  So gorgeous, so romantic!  I love them all!

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