Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Blogger is Behind

I'm way behind on blogging - my head is swimming with ideas for our booth at the Creativ Festival which is like...3 weeks away. There is way more than 3 weeks worth of knitting to do but I'm sure it will get done.

We had a Yarn Tasting on Friday, September 14 - tons of fun was had by all.
You really should come the next time we do one!

Hey who are these girls? I've seen them before - are they Quilt Girls? Yessirree! Quilt Girls joining in on the Yarn Tasting fun! Thank you so much for coming out! Looks like you might have been having some fun!?!

We have the most adorable patterns in from Blue Sky Alpacas with these gorgeous little balls of Royal Alpaca - the patterns look like vintage seed packets. It's all so darn cute, I can hardly stand it. Each kit is packaged up in a pretty little bag! Everyone has been busy knitting the samples and so far we have quite an assortment of samples hanging on the clothesline. A re-stock of all the colors is on the way from Blue Sky Alpacas. Also in from Blue Sky is Alpaca Silk - a little bit of heaven in each hank! Not to mention the new Metallico - it makes me was to cry it's so gorgeous - we've almost sold out of our first order but rest assured tons more is on the way!

I whipped up these little monsters! So cute and so fun! There will be kits at the Creativ for these including pattern, yarn and safety eyes.

Both Julia and I have been busy teaching all week - today was the beginning of our Project Classes - Julia had her students working away on top down sweaters and I have my students working round and round on their Girasole blankets.

A big, big selection of Kauni came in - Julia is working on Stripe Study in cream and rainbow.

And Madi is working on this - there's over 8000 projects on Ravelry in this yarn so go have a look! Kauni Effektgarn is what you need to look for.......

Until next time knitters.

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