Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More Excuses....

Ok so I've been blogging for awhile - one blog for Pick Up Sticks and now almost a year blogging for The Yarn Store but I've yet to hit any kind of regular posting. Urrr - I can make all the same excuses but the big one really has been the Creativ Festival - first we were busy getting ready and now we are busy unpacking. We had a great time and all of our new yarns and kits were very well received. Now is the time for all of you to hear all about it.

First some photographic evidence of our booth - we had many customers tell us it was the best yarn booth at the festival and we all thought so too!

Here is our booth just finished on Thursday night all ready for a very busy Friday morning.

Here's our display of Noni Felted Bags and kits - these are the most absolutely gorgeous designs - long gone are the days when you bought the pattern and had to go hunted for all the hardware. Every kit has absolutely everything you need to complete the purse. The samples have gone back to the supplier but you must come by and see the kits. We got in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool because it is a superior felting yarn - it's so pretty and soft - it would be great for a warm wool sweater too!

Here's the beginning order for the brand new spankin' Indie Dyer, Yarn Hollow from Michigan. We started with 35 colors of DK and are expecting 35 colors of Worsted. The Jul Topographie kits which feature Yarn Hollow Yarns and Jul closures arrived just in the knick of time and made in on the truck to go to the show

Here was the Carousel from the Crochet Crowd - so adorable and made with all yarns from the Yarn Store.

I've started a couple of new topics on Ravelry. What's New? And Classes. Both meant for quick,timely updates.

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