Thursday, 6 September 2012

Oh my, oh my....

Things are so exciting at the Yarn Store I could almost - well, never mind - but it's very exciting.

Here's the wall of Madtosh - two weights in 39 colors each! Madtosh Merino Light and Madtosh DK - it's so gorgeous I don't even want to touch it - but Madi tells me sell it, so it's for sale. So hurry in - as with any Madtosh it won't last long and it might be a bit before we get more. We have all picked projects so we do have our own Madtosh tucked in our knitting bags.
Madi is knitting Groovy - two skeins of DK in Cousteau - easy, peasy but so wearable!
Julia is knitting a sample of Every Last Yard for her top down sweater class in Dahlia - 5 skeins of DK and me,
well, of course, we need a new Color Affection for the store and I choose Steam Age, Baltic and Dahlia.

My winder is set up on the kitchen table and as soon as I finish this post I'm winding it and casting on!
Oh and one last thing - if I can just blow my own horn for one minute - Madi offered me the position of Manager of the Yarn Store and I accepted with a big whooppeee! How lucky am I to be able to work in a store that I love surrounded by great people and fabulous yarns? Thank you so much Madi!
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  1. Amazing Wall, look at all the colours!
    And Congratulations to You Connie you will be great at this new Job! I also know that you will have fun make sure will get lots and lots of soft, silky, fun, yummy, gorgeous, cottony, chunky oohhhh…. I think you know what I mean ,yarn in to the Store so we can show all our Customers what we and they too can all knit up a.s.a.p.!
    I am looking forward to working with You and the Crew, Thanks for giving me this opportunity too

  2. Congratulations, Connie! I know that the store is lucky to have you. I will make my way up to find your new yarn haunt one of these days. Best of Luck!
    Kim (former mini cooper driver, lol)

  3. YAY - Congratulations Connie!!!
    See you on the 19th,
    Nancy and Margaret