Monday, 5 March 2012

Let's do the......

 the Bossa Nova.  A new yarn from Lang made from 78% cotton and 28% polymide.  Broad ruffles that can do more than make a scarf.  We have the pattern and we have the yarn - below are some of my favs!  So fresh and springy - after all it is just 15 more days until Spring!

We have all 7 colorways in stock - 2 balls for a scarf!

What have I been knitting?  Well, it didn't take long to working around yarn again, to develop a pile of WIPs.  Must be the fumes or something.

First we have my Granny Squares.  I've torn out more than I've actually crocheted but I am happy to say that I like the way they are coming along.  It seems I might be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this. 
  All Koigu Kersti - aren't they pretty?
A store sample of Wing Span - made from Jawoll Magic.  I just love the long repeats of color.  The scarf has a total of 8 triangles and I'm on my fourth. 

A possible Knit A Long for the store - it's a secret so I can't say much more than that. Except....stay tuned for the details! 

And what is this?  A moment of sibling co-operation!  Jeremy 22 and Emma 13 decided that eggs and pancakes were on the menu Sunday morning!  It went perfectly except for Jeremy trying to flip a pancake in the air and it landing on the floor.  I actually kept pretty calm throughout the whole thing.

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