Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What's with the Slackers?

Yarn Girl-slash-Knit Wit, Irene is busy making the rest of her team look bad.  She's been knitting up a storm of samples!

First, let's talk about the brand new yarn that came in:  Casablanca, from Cascade.  It's a riot of great colours in a single ply yarn comprised of 59% wool, 24% silk and 17% mohair.  There's a free pattern for a scarf we mentioned in our last newsletter, and Irene's shown you how quick and easy it is.

As you can see, there are several colourways to choose from - you simply can't go wrong!  If you need knitting tips when working through the pattern, you know you can call on Irene for her experience.

Next, we'll look at the pretty spring cardi Irene has completed.  (Julia, our Cardigan Queen had better watch her crown!)

She used the Featherweight Cardigan pattern by Hannah Fettig, available on Ravelry (and we can help you with that in The Yarn Store).

Irene got her hands on two skeins of Americo Abrazos yarn in colour J080, a soft pale blue that isn't a baby pastel, but decidedly more grown-up.  Abrazos is a lace weight bamboo/cotton yarn that is just perfect for Spring knitting.

She knit from both skeins at once on size 4.5mm needles, using two strands at a time to give her the desired body. The yarn itself provides the wonderful stripey texture.  

Irene's much-desired, fit body comes from running marathons - which we delayed somewhat as we took pictures of her modelling the cardigan.

C'mon in and see why the rest of the Yarn Girls are beginning to look like slackers. (Our royal tongue is firmly planted in cheek!)

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  1. Way to go Irene....You rock the marathons that is for sure...and You are great at knitting too!
    Love to have You on our team.