Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What's on Our Hooks...Irene?

Just a quickie this week.  Believe us, we've got lots going on!  It's that sort of "too busy to talk" kind of time, what with the Creativ Festival and the Toronto Knitter's Frolic, both on the same weekend!! Thankfully, it's totally possible to get the best of all worlds and visit both shows (say, the Creativ on Friday, April 26 - we're at Booth #115, and then Knitter's Frolic on Saturday, April 27).  See our Upcoming Events page for the whole scoop.

That being said, let us share a little bit.  The question on everybody's lips lately has been, "what's on your needles?" or, in this case, "hooks?".  And hey, if you haven't been wondering, maybe you should...? :)

Irene, our Yarn Girl newbie, the self-professed Knit Wit, is totally outgrowing her newbie status and reaching for all that is meant to be good about the Knit Wit moniker.  She's a continental knitter and, apparently, an accomplished crocheter, as evidenced here:

Irene said she made this giant granny square to see if the guys in her family would like a manly afghan or a car blanket.  She used just one ball of our brand new Noro Taiyo, a lovely blend of cotton, silk, wool and nylon, and just look at the gorgeous colour variations it provides!  The Yarn Store currently has 16 colours available in Taiyo, so there's lots to choose from.

However, this yarn-for-guys movement is building amongst the staff, so you'd better get a move on and get yarn for your man before the staff pinches it all!

We think we might have to come up with a new name for the block... maybe Grampy Square.  What do you think?

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