Thursday, 14 February 2013


Oh, yes, we have been busy!  It's not like we've done anything major like a facelift, but we feel perky and we all just got a little pick-me-up.

Last week we teased you with our shopping trip to Americo.  This week, we are thrilled to show it all off to you.
Americo, in all its glory

The Yarn Girls have done some amazing work, tidying up the joint after our crazy Boxing Day-Week-Month Madness Sale.  There are now featured sections for some of our favourite yarns.
The fantastic wall of Yarn Hollow

It's sooo much easier to find what you're looking for.  Like, SweetGeorgia, Prism, DyeHard and Madelinetosh...

There are pretty little vignettes to catch your eye and provide inspiration - or temptation - whatever the case may be.
Our lovely felted Noni kits and Shepherd's Wool
Irresistibly soft (and just plain irresistible) Blue Sky Alpaca kits

Our notions are totally under control now, and very accessible.  No sweat now to find the right size of needle or hook for your latest project - you might even pick up something new to try!
Notions. Yup, we've got 'em

So.  How about that?  New website, new look, and new stuff...all clean and pretty and easy to look through.  Come on in and see (clearly!) what we've got going on!

Oh, and while you're here, you might want to say "hi" to Irene, our newest Knit Wit (she's the only one who likes that nickname).  She's fitting in with the rest of The Yarn Girls just fine, and has lots of experience to share with you - like Continental Knitting.  Look for her hands in an upcoming blog....

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  1. That was so much fun putting this "Yarn Boutique" together for all of You to shop...Hope to see You soon
    Enjoy, I know I do...