Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Just in: Boye Square Needles

There are lots of knitting needles on the market, and we have a good selection here at The Yarn Store, too.  We have Pony Pearl DPNs that are made of a wood-based plastic called cellulose acetate, plus polished wooden needles, rosewood, bamboo, aluminum, and nickel-coated brass needles.  The name of the game is speed - and comfort - and durability and longevity.... Okay, there are a lot of names for this knitting game.  We are pleased to introduce a new player to the field: Boye Artisan Tools Square Fixed Circular Needles.

Yes, square needles!  Their smooth precision points are round, like a sharpened pencil, with a square shaft, which narrows to a smooth cable, which is neither droopy nor overly stiff.

Square needles are designed to be easier to handle, and require less pressure from your hands to hold onto them and create stitches.  Those with arthritis or carpal tunnal syndrome can knit more comfortably and for longer periods of time.
Our new Yarn Girl, Irene, is a Continental knitter

There are reports from the Yarn Girls that the stitches are more evenly formed (no matter who's picked up the work) and it's easier to get into the stitches - because loops are round but the needles have flat edges, it's easier to find a space to insert the needle tip.

The aluminum needles are lightweight, with a slight texture to them so they are smooth but not slippery.  Irene says she didn't even notice they were square, but that using them was easy and consistent.
Come in and try a pair!

Still unsure?  We have a pair in the store that you can test out, and form your own opinion.  Let us know what you think!

Boye Artisan Tools Square Circular Needles come in a full range of sizes
from US 1 / 2.5mm (our #82662, regular price $14.99)
to US 13 / 9mm. (our #82674, regular price $18.49)

We have square crochet hooks in stock, too!

Please note that the yarn pictured above is from our staff's stash.  If you wish to use something similar, try Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe (our #71543), or Debbie Bliss Angel (our #81221).  Using a large needle or hook with this slender yarn will give a lovely, hazy lacy effect.


  1. Wow.. these square needles are very helpful for people suffering from Arthritis. We always thought that wooden needles (in Rosewood, Ebony wood) are the ones that are easier to handle as they require less pressure from hands.

  2. I agree! I bought them on a hunch and found out that these were the best! The square shape make it way easier to knit so it's faster and demands less work from your hands. I love this product :o)