Sunday, 12 August 2012


I didn't finish my Ravellenics sweater for a couple of reasons - one was we lost a horse to colic which is sad but he was very old and it was really the kindest thing to do for him. The other was when I tried it on to put the sleeve stitches on a holder I found 2 mistakes in the raglan increases. So that meant tearing out about 5-6 inches to get back to where I needed to fix. Normally I might let something like this go but I really, really like this sweater so I want it to be perfect - or well, as perfect as can be.

Julia did finish and I promise pictures as soon as I have them. I'm sure it's gorgeous.

Speaking of yarn - did you hear that all the yarn except for HPKY and Prism is on sale 50% off. We don't want to count it for inventory so we decided to have another sale! Yay - now you can get some Arroyo for your next sweater!

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