Sunday, 15 April 2012

Finally - a post!

Contrary to popular belief I was not a blogger on strike, I actually thought about blogging almost every day but thing after another.  Things are ramping up at the Yarn Store for lots of reasons so I've been trying to keep up with all of that.  What's going on?

Well, first is the Creative Festival on April 27 & 28 at the International Centre by the airport.  We have 20 out of our total 50 feet of booth space to fill and so we've been busy little bees packaging all manner of knitting kits.  Hats, scarves, socks, baby sweaters - you name it, we probably have a kit for it.  And it's just beginning - you will see the new yarns for Dye Hard Fibre Arts dyed exclusively for us, you will meet the founders of HPKY, all of our Koigu KPPPM and Kersti will be on display.....not to mention all of the gorgeous fabrics they've been preparing on the Quilt side of the store!

Another BIG project on my list of things to do is the website - to allow all of our customers to be able to see and purchase all the amazing yarns at the Yarn Store online.  Big job, big, big job!  I've gotten started - there's a few kinds of Noro so far with lots more coming this week.  You can find what's been done already and start watching what is being added at   On the left sidebar under Categories you will find a link for the Yarn Store - follow that to see all of our yarns.  Or click here.

And I've been knitting!  Our very first KAL is scheduled to begin on May 9th.  I began work on the sample to take to Creative but quickly realized that the yarn was so amazing and the pattern so impeccably written that it had to be shared among more people than just me.

Pattern:  Dangling Leaves by Iris Schreier
Yarn:  Ensemble Light by Artyarns
This is has been consuming lots of my knitting time because I'm so taken with the yarn - one strand of silk and one strand of cashmere - what could possibly be better than that. 

Farthing by Jared Flood
Yarn:  HPKY Donegal Tweed Sock
It's actually been keeping me from my boyfriend's pattern, Farthing.  Lots of fun with lots of trim.  I remember doing Girasole and it had an intricate, time consuming knitted on border well - guess what?  He's done it again - I guess it's a design feature that he must be particularly fond of.  It's beautiful but with close to 500 stitches - that makes 250 four row frilly things I have to do.  Ah well, gotta love that boy!

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