Sunday, 26 February 2012

Just fooling around

Customized my blog a bit today...I added the blogs I read for inspiration........

Cosmicpluto is written by Laura - an avid knitter and awesome pattern designer.  She posted today about Wooleater - more crochet! 

Yarn Harlot is written by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee - our very own Knitting Celebrity.  If she's knitting it, then everyone will be casting on to.

Brooklyn Tweed is written by Jared Flood who would be my knitting boyfriend if I had one - he's an inspiration and every single one of his designs are amazing and oh so worthy of your needles.

Wine, Wool and Whoppers is written by Lynn B - a local knitter and teacher at the Yarn Store.

I added the most recent book I finished which is Discovery of Witches and the book I'm currently reading which is The Hunger Games.

Added a link to read my blog by email - a page view counter - stuff that's fun, stuff that's interesting.

Time for dinner - then the Academy Awards - don't you just love to see what people are wearing?

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