Thursday, 24 January 2013

Where to find us? Everywhere!

Greetings, fair readers.

We've been quiet for a while now, and we thought it was time for a little update.

For those of you who subscribe to our newsletter, you may be aware that we have a brand new website:  It's very exciting to be able to stand on our own cyber legs - and yet, we still share a subtle link with The Quilt Store.

We admit that it isn't completely perfect just yet, but we love it, and we're willing to listen to your feedback as we make improvements and adjustments. Check out our Classes and Upcoming Events pages (and keep your eyes here for stories and pics from stuff that happens at the store).

Speaking of stuff that happens at The Yarn should definitely come out to our Knit Nights.  They happen every Wednesday evening, from 6:30 to 8:30pm.  It's free to come, free to join and free to stay.  We have a lovely round table, comfy chairs, coffee and camaraderie with our staff and other knitters.  Everyone works on whatever they're working on.  It isn't a class, but someone is always on hand to offer assistance - and everyone else has opinions and inspiration to share!  There's also a secret bonus: we offer a 10% discount on any purchases for those who attend.

There's a huge community of knitters, crocheters and yarnies on a fab, free site called Ravelry.  We are there, too! We have a group called "the yarn store inside the quilt store", and we've got a discussion board there.  Feel free to sign up and drop by anytime.  Ravelry is a fantastic resource for patterns - we're totally hooked up, so we can print, email and order patterns for you right in store.  Just ask us!

If you'd like to get in touch with us anytime (day or night), you can!  Although we do occasionally take time to sleep, you can send us an email at any hour:  All the staff have access to this account, and we will do our best to make sure you get a response as soon as we can.  Just in case you don't hear back from us, though, please do feel free to call the store at 905-853-7001, and ask to speak to one of the Yarn Girls.

The current roster of Yarn Girls consists of: Deb Y. (of DyeHard Fibre Arts fame), Jacqueline (our Swiss Miss of Many Talents), and Julia (The Queen of Cardigans).

As it so happens, we are actually looking to expand our team of dedicated staff.
We have a warm and friendly vibe, with flexible, creative individuals who work together to provide an excellent customer experience.
Ideal candidates will have knitting and crocheting experience, with an understanding of different types of yarn fibres. Teaching history is not required, though an ability to explain and troubleshoot techniques is an asset.  Must be available to work a variety of hours including daytime, evenings and weekends.
Please email with your qualifications.

Last, but not least, you can find us on Twitter @TheYarnStore1, and we share space with The Quilt Store on Facebook and Pinterest.

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