Sunday, 18 November 2012

Yarn tasting.....yum!

We held our second yarn tasting yesterday - see how pretty the classroom was before all the fun started!

The all the knitters arrived and fun was had by all.

Everyone got a little basket and a little cake of each yarn. We tried Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, Regia Merino Angora, Yarn Hollow Tor DK, Stonehedge Fiber Mills Shepherd Worsted, Habu Stainless Steel, Fine Merino and Shosenshi, Jojoland Cashmere 2 ply, Handmaiden Seasilk and Berocco Ultra Alpaca. It's hard to say what yarn everyone liked the most but we do have only 1 or 2 skeins of Sweet Georgia left.

There are a ton of boxes arriving this week and next -
Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten Kits
Fleece Artist Fiber
Handmaiden Sea Silk
Sweet Georgia worsted and DK
Madtosh - tons of it - 8 boxes!

The following week should see us unpacking Tor Worsted from Yarn Hollow and a re stock of Jojoland.

Stay tuned for our next yarn tasting in late December or early January.

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